We work with students of many different backgrounds, ages, and personalities to find their voice.  Students come to Amy to strengthen their singing for upcoming choral engagements, polish a specific piece before a big performance, learn a new style, prep for an audition or even just to improve at karaoke!  

The online consultation is designed to give your personalized feedback about your strengths and weaknesses.  Once we understand your goals and hear your singing, we can help you isolate and work on weaknesses, hone your practice technique (there is an art to it!), and broadcast your strengths.

Remember: many talented musicians read sheet music, but many don't! Don't be intimidated if you don't know a quarter note from a fermata.  We will help you learn what you need to achieve dynamic and expressive musical interpretation.

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Amy's Students Inside and Outside the Lesson Studio


In the consultation, we will evaluate:

  • Vocal tone & timbre
  • Range
  • Register integration
  • Ear
  • Musicality and Musicianship
  • Dramatic Instincts
  • Breath control

With this information, we will work together with you to tailor vocal exercises to your specific voice that will help you achieve true vocal freedom!  We can also help you find the kinds of songs that are the best fit for your voice.

For an online voice consultation, you need to have a verse and a chorus of a song ready to sing.  You are encouraged to use a backing track or sing a capella.  You also need a reliable internet connection: skype, google hangouts, and facetime are all acceptable!

Understands the physiology of singing...and has an amazing ear