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We work with students of many different backgrounds, ages, and personalities to find their voice.  Students come to Amy to strengthen their singing for upcoming choral engagements, polish a specific piece before a big performance, learn a new style, or even just to improve at karaoke!  

Lessons are designed to be challenging and fun.  Our teachers balance vocal technique, music theory, performance practices, and musical expression into one cohesive approach.  Students are always encouraged to give their input into how they'd like lessons to be structured, your feedback is important!

Remember: many talented musicians read sheet music, but many don't! Don't be intimidated if you don't know a quarter note from a fermata.  We will help you learn what you need to achieve dynamic and expressive musical interpretation.

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Amy's Students Inside and Outside the Lesson Studio


Students have many performance opportunities throughout the year.  Twice a year, public recitals are held at Brookline Public Library.   Many students use the opportunity to be paired with a fellow singer to perform a duet.    Studio recitals are an opportunity to invite family and friends to see practice labors come to fruition. 

The last Friday of every month, there is a small Performance Workshop in the studio.  These workshops are limited to 8 participants and provide a safe place to practice being nervous as well as making bold performance choices.  In studio classes we target: Dramatic Intent, Text Interpretation, Emotional Arc, Gestures, Physicality, and, of course, Nerves


After taking voice lessons, students can expect to:

  • Improve tone

  • Gain Resonance

  • Release Tension

  • Increase range

  • Achieve high notes with ease

  • Gain confidence

  • Feel more comfortable on stage

Understands the physiology of singing...and has an amazing ear